Your family’s health and wellness is important to you, but it’s not always easy to guarantee that your home is safeguarded against contaminants that could have an impact on their well-being. Your water supply is a potential source of contamination, and it can be difficult to keep this under control. You may have a pitcher that you keep in the refrigerator to filter your drinking water. But what about the water you use to shower, brush your teeth, or rinse fruit? Shouldn’t you have water filtration or purification throughout your home? Contact the local plumbers at Shilo Plumbing for more information about installing a whole-home water treatment system, or to schedule services with our water quality experts today!

How to Tell You Need a Water Treatment System

You may notice some signs that your water quality is not up to an acceptable level. For example, if your water has an unusual odor or taste, it is a sure sign that you should call a plumber to install a whole–home water treatment system. But poor water quality may not be so obvious. Most water treatment companies offer professional water testing services that can help you discover what types of problems afflict your water supply. In addition, your technician can recommend the water filter, reverse osmosis system, or water softener that is right for your home.

Our Water Treatment Systems and Services

Take a look at the systems and services we offer to area homeowners. We also offer system repair and maintenance service, as well as replacement when your filter or softener is not operating the way it should. Call Shilo Plumbing to learn more!

Reverse Osmosis Systems
Reverse osmosis systems are the most effective water quality control systems available for home use today. Reverse osmosis is a scientific process in which a thin, semi–permeable membrane allows only water to pass through. These systems are so effective that they are also used in many industrial water purification processes.

Water Filtration Systems
A whole–home water filtration system is a more effective option than a point–of–use filter or sink faucet attachment. Our water filtration systems can filter out a large portion of the pollutants that enter your home’s plumbing system and help to protect the health of your family members.

Water Purification
Choosing the right water purification system for a home can be difficult, but our experts are happy to help. We can assess your water supply for impurities, and then, based on our findings, make sure that you get a system that takes care of the biggest threats in your plumbing system.

Water Softeners
Water softeners can eliminate hard water, an issue in which minerals in your water supply can do a lot of damage to your pipes and fixtures. If you notice a white chalky buildup around your faucets and drains, consider a whole–home water softener to eliminate minerals that can potentially damage large portions of your plumbing system.

Water Testing
Not sure what types of issues affect your water quality? We can perform some tests to determine the major contaminants affecting your water supply. Call us today to schedule an appointment for water testing and to find out what type of water treatment system you should install.

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