Do you have concerns about the water coming into your home, or just want to know that there’s an extra level of protection there should a breach occur, or a problem with the ground water develop? If so, then you’ll want to talk to the plumbing experts from Shilo Plumbing about a water purification for your home.

Our pros have been helping customers with their water purification systems for years, including installation, repair, maintenance and replacement. Taking a whole home approach provides maximum benefits, and we’ll show you how to properly use and care for your water purification system so it provides years of clean water for you and your family. There’s no need to worry about your home’s water when our pros can help you with all of your water purification needs!

The Difference between a Water Purifier and a Water Filter

It isn’t unusual for terminology to overlap when it comes to certain kinds of household systems, and one area where this can happen is with water filters and water purification systems. Even industry professionals will sometimes use these terms interchangeably, but there is a difference, and as a homeowner looking to have the cleanest water possible, you should know the difference so you choose the right kind of water cleaning system for your home.

What really separates a water purifier from a water filter is the removal of biological contaminants, such as bacteria and viruses. This doesn’t mean a water filtration system can’t remove these contaminants or that a water purifier only removes biological impurities, but a water purifier’s main goal is to remove any kind of biological contaminant from your water. With a water filter, the focus is on capturing as many different types of contaminants and impurities, so biological contaminants may slip past the filtration system. The best way to assess which type of system is best for you is to work with your Shilo Plumbing plumbing expert.

The Benefits of Installing a Water Purifier

Why install and use a whole home water purifier? Here are some reasons our customers chose a water purification system for their homes:

  • Protection from breaches: should some kind of breach occur, whether in your municipal water system or something happens to the source of your ground water, you’ll be protected from biological pollutants and other impurities.
  • Environmentally friendly: there are two ways in which a water purification system is friendly to the environment. The first is by using very little resources to operate. The second is reducing the amount of plastic you use when drinking purified water from a bottle. With purified water coming from every faucet in your home, there’s no more reason to buy water contained in plastic.
  • Convenient: with a whole house water purification system, you can have purified water anytime you want it!

The experts at Shilo Plumbing are here to assist with all of your water purification needs – just give us a call!