Have you been looking to install a new water filtration system in your home, but haven’t found the right kind of help you need for the job? We have some great news for you: you found us! The plumbing experts from Shilo Plumbing have been helping customers in the area find and use the right water filtration systems since 1996, and we bring that experience right to you. We have a number of top-quality water filtration products for your home, and we’ll help you find the right one and install it correctly the first time around. If you already have and use a water filtration system but haven’t found plumbing experts who can provide the professional repair and maintenance services you need, look no further than us. Having clean, healthy water in your home is a necessity, so let our pros make sure you have as much as you need!

Why Install a Whole Home Water Filtration System?

You may be thinking that a filtering pitcher can provide all the filtered water you need, but you use water in many more ways. For instance, what about your laundry? Don’t you want to maintain the clothes you and your family has as long as possible? Washing with clean, filtered water helps reduce the graying and wear that can happen to clothes in the washer. How about cooking? Are you comfortable using water to cook your food that can be affected by breaches in your water system? We are guessing you probably aren’t. Then there’s showering and baths – don’t you want the same clean water you use for drinking to be available for bathing in? A whole home water filtration system protects all of the water in your home by filtering before it can enter your home’s supply–side plumbing. And our experts can help you find and choose the right water filtration system you need – just give us a call!

Problem Caused by a Clogged Water Filter

Different problems can go wrong with your home’s water filtration system, and our pros are equipped to handle all of them. However, one very common problem is a clogged water filter and here are the kinds of problems that can develop from this:

  • Reduced overall water pressure throughout the house
  • Well pump short–cycling. A short–cycling pump is one that turns on and off too frequently, and this kind of action wears the pump down, and can lead to malfunction and overheating.
  • Blockage of water flow between the clean water tank and a pump
  • Any kind of pressure imbalance in your plumbing system can cause systemic problems to develop.

Our experts can help resolve these problems with expert water filtration system repair and/or maintenance services.

The quality of your home’s water is too important to leave in the hands of someone inexpert. Let the pros from Shilo Plumbing make sure your existing water filtration system is working as needed, or help you find and install the perfect water filtration system for your home!