• (Other than those during grinding of small bones and fruit pits): These are usually caused by accidental entry of a spoon, bottle cap, dishwasher knockout plug
or other foreign object.
• To correct this, turn off the electrical switch and the water. After the disposal has stopped running, remove the object from the disposal. WARNING: Never put your hands or fingers inside disposal.
• A humming noise with no grinding could be that the turn table is not rotating.

• Unplug the power cord or turn either the wall switch or breaker box switch to the “OFF” position, depending on your model and wiring configuration.
• Remove the stopper.
• Check to see if the turntable will rotate freely, in either direction, using a wooden spoon.
• If the turntable rotates freely, check the re-set button to see if it has been tripped.
• The re-set button is red and located opposite the discharge elbow, near the bottom. Push the button in until it clicks and remains depressed.
• If the re-set button has not been tripped, check for shorted or broken wires connecting to the disposal.
• Check the electrical power switch, fuse box or circuit breaker.
• If wiring and electrical components are intact, the unit may have an internal problem that requires service or replacement.
NOTE: if you are not familiar with electrical power and procedures, call a qualified electrician.

• Turn off the disposal and the water, then power off.
• After the disposal has stopped running, check for any foreign object(s) lodged between the turntable and grind ring.
• Dislodge any object(s) by rotating the turntable, in either direction, with a wooden spoon and remove the object(s). Unjamming wrench
service kit available for order on part number 1037.
• If no foreign object is present, there may be an internal problem that requires service or replacement.
• After turning the power back on, press the red reset button before resuming use.

If the garbage disposal still isn’t working, please give us a call so we can schedule a service technician to come evaluate the disposal and repair options.